Top Hidden Features of Android You Should Know

Well thinking about a smartphone people always prefer buying an Android phone rather than an iOS or maybe Windows because of its excellent features and its great battery life. There are certain features which are just visible to us and known to the crowd but apart from that there are so much an Android user is missing out. There are these hidden features which one must know so that they are well compatible with their phones. Listing out a few of them so that they can take more advantage of their phones. Here they are-

  1. Keeping a check over the data usage-
  • Being in this fast moving world who doesn’t need Internet. All our information are available right here and we don’t need to now search for it in encyclopaedias and books anymore.
  • So Android has given its users this advantage of checking the data usage and controlling it so that the background apps aren’t consuming the data which are not worth it.
  • We can also control our data limit for everyday by settings< data usage< set mobile data limit.

  1. Change WiFi network-
  • If connected to a WiFi network, we wish to change our network we don’t have to go to settings< WiFi.
  • Instead we can pull down the notification center, long press WiFi and then choose from the networks available to get connected.

  1. Android Device Manager
  • Lost your phone? No worries you can keep a track over it and trace and find it out using this amazing feature of Android phones.
  • Go to settings< Lock Screen and Security< Other Security Settings < Device Administrator< Turn on Android Device Manager.

  1. Desktop Backup Password-
  • If our phones get locked, we can recover it using our PC as well instead of formatting it and losing track of all our data.
  • Go to settings< Developer Options< type in the password< retype< ok

  1. Reduction of Battery life-
  • Battery is an important parameter when talking of phones. So to increase the battery life we can disable the animation effects.
  • Go to Settings< Developer Options< Window Animation Scale. Set the scale to 0.5x.

  1. CPU Usage overlay-
  • We can keep a check over which app is putting heavy load on CPU leading to the heating of this device.
  • It can be adjusted by Settings< Developer Options< Show CPU Usage.

  1. Stop Android activities after closing the application-
  • The Android activities should be closed immediately after closing the app to prevent data usage and save battery life.
  • Go to Settings< Developer Options< tick on Don’t keep activities.

  1. USB Debugging Mode-
  • USB Debugging Mode should be enabled to allow the working of apps with the PC without any hindrance.
  • Go to Settings< Developer Options< tick on USB Debugging checkbox.

  1. Using Google Chrome to access file directory-
  • We can access all our files of SD Card using Google Chrome browser.
  • Open Google Chrome browser on your Android Smartphone. Now type file:///sdcard/ on URL bar and search.

  1. Identify songs-
  • When listening songs, if you want to know its name it can be done with the help of an app ‘Shazam’ available on Google Play Store.
  1. Save a web page as PDF-
  • When surfing something over Google Chrome, if we want to save the page we can either bookmark it on PC or else save the page as PDF on our phones.
  • Go to Share< Print < save as PDF.


  1. Screen pinning-
  • We can pin the screen which we want to so that the privacy of our apps are maintained.