Top Adventure Games for Android you Want to Play

Well thinking about a smartphone people always prefer buying an Android phone rather than an iOS or maybe Windows because of its excellent features and its great battery life. One of the biggest reasons why teens prefer to buy Android phones is because they have got a wide variety of options of games available to them from which they could choose from. Teens are so obsessed when it comes to playing games. Who doesn’t like taking a break from their hectic schedule and chill? So let us take a look at the list of top adventure games available for Android-

  1. Swordigo-

As the name of the game suggests, this game is purely related to swords, forests, trees darkness and dungeons. If someone is really interested into fighting and games related to war, one should definitely go for this game.

  1. The Maze Runner

This is a game all about finding a way to escape out of the stuck place. Some teens are sent to the Glade but forgot the way to it. Through this game we have to help them find a way to get out of the strange road with loads of huddles coming in its way. Also try clash of clans mod game, which is pretty similar to this one.

  1. Terria-

This is one of the most interesting adventurous and popular game for Android as well as iOS. In this game, we have to kill and destroy demons and their bosses to create a space of our own self in this world. The road is full of ups and downs so you got to be struggling to create one for yourself.

  1. Cryptic Labyrinth-

You are stuck in a room and got to escape this room. The door is right there in front of you but you cannot get out as it is locked. With all the hints available to you, you got to be finding a right way to get out of here. It is a thrilling fun adventurous game. So get going with your thinking caps on to find the way.

  1. Train Crisis Plus-

Who would want the trains to get crashed in real life or in games too? So this game is all about that. You got to prevent the trains from crashing each other and keep a check over them every second because the game can turn upside down anytime.

  1. Angry Birds-

The name is enough to recall all the memories with it. It is one of the top rated adventurous game and all the teens love it. You got to pass the hurdles to get going in this game and it makes it all harder for you as if get past the higher levels.

  1. Family Guy the Quest for Stuff-

The responsibility is all on your back now. You are the father of the family and you have got to save your people and the city from the big fat hen that has just attacked and conquered your place. It is all trying to destroy and you have to prevent all that from happening.


  1. Stella’s Journey-

This game is all about the girl named Stella who was sleeping one night in her room and the next day when she woke up she found herself in a totally new place. With all the obstacles and hurdles she has got to overcome them and reach her room to get back her normal life. Help her out to win this with one of the most adventurous game.

  1. Haunted Manor-

This is a scary game so don’t play this with your lights turned off. You will have to quit this in between maybe. There is a tourist who in spite of knowing that this is a haunted house comes to stay there to see what exactly happens. Get going with this game to find out the scary things around you.