Android Mod Download Android Mon, 03 Dec 2018 07:19:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How to Block WhatsApp Calls on GB WhatsApp Mon, 03 Dec 2018 07:19:26 +0000 If you want extra privacy features without using any third-party apps on the WhatsApp messenger for Android devices, then GB WhatsApp is the perfect modded WhatsApp available in the market. Due to the modification of the WhatsApp Messenger, GB WhatsApp offers for more security and privacy features in its app.

GB WhatsApp even gives you the ability to block the unwanted WhatsApp calls in its app buy extra privacy and security features available in the app. In this article we will talk about the guide to blocked are WhatsApp calls in GB WhatsApp for Android devices. GB WhatsApp is the best modded WhatsApp Messenger available in the market for Android devices.

Steps to block WhatsApp calls on GB WhatsApp for Android devices:

Use this following guide to block WhatsApp calls on GB WhatsApp for Android devices. Blocking the WhatsApp call is one of the extra privacy and security features which GB WhatsApp offers to you want to install it in your Android devices.

  • Open the GB WhatsApp in your Android device by tapping on the app icon on the app list of the Android devices – Download GBWhatsApp
  • Now open the menu of the GB WhatsApp by tapping on the three vertical dots available in the top right corner of the WhatsApp screen.
  • From the drop-down menu of the GB WhatsApp settings select the GB settings to option from there.

  • Now scroll down below on the GB settings window to locate the Other MODS option.

  • Now select the Other MODS option to open the extra modification settings on GB WhatsApp.
  • On the Other MODS window scroll down below to locate the disable WhatsApp voice calls option.

  • The selector disables WhatsApp voice calls option, and you will get the popup window asking for you the two different type of selection for blocking the WhatsApp voice call.

  • You can either show the ringing to the opposite user while blocking the WhatsApp call, are you can disable the ringing to the opposite user while walking the WhatsApp call.
  • Select any of the option to disable the voice call on GB WhatsApp for Android devices.
  • In order to enable the WhatsApp calls again on GB WhatsApp.
  • Go to the GB settings on the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.
  • Select the option Others MODS from the GB settings by scrolling down on the GB settings.
  • Now scroll down at the bottom of the Other MODS option and tap on the disable WhatsApp calls option.
  • You will get the popup window from where you can see the enable the WhatsApp voice call option.
  • Enjoy enable voice call and disabling the voice call on GB WhatsApp for Android devices.


We have researched on the internet about the GB WhatsApp extra privacy and security settings for Android devices. We have also listed the brief guide to enable and disable the WhatsApp voice call successfully on GB WhatsApp for Android devices. Share this article with other GB WhatsApp and Android users to share this useful information about blocking the WhatsApp calls on GB WhatsApp. Enjoy the customized privacy and security settings on GB WhatsApp for Android devices.

Love Shayari for Hindi Lovers Thu, 26 Jul 2018 07:13:55 +0000 Romantic Shayari in Hindi – See here largest collection romantic  shayari in Hindi with image at poetrytadka. Express your feeling with Hindi’s largest collections romantic  Shayari website with poetrytadka. Read, Post and share your favorite Hindi romantic  Shayari on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and twitter with friends.

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Khuda Ne Jab Ishq Banaya Hoga,
To Khud Ajmaya Hoga,
Hamari To Aukaat Hi Kya Hai,
Is Ishq Ne Khuda Ko Bhi Rulaya Hoga.

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Tujhe Mohabbat Karna Nahi Aata,
Mujhe Mohabbat Ke Siva Kuch Nahi Aata,
Zindagi Guzarne Ke Do Tarike Hote Hai,
Ek Tujhe Nahi Aata Aur Ek Mujhe Nahi Aata.

❤✮ Shayari in Hindi Love ✮ ❤

न जिद है न कोई गुरूर है हमे,
बस तुम्हे पाने का सुरूर है हमे,
इश्क गुनाह है तो गलती की हमने,
सजा जो भी हो मंजूर है हमे।

❤✮ Hindi Shayari for Love ✮ ❤

माना की तुम जीते हो ज़माने के लिये,
एक बार जी के तो देखो हमारे लिये,
दिल की क्या औकात आपके सामने,
हम तो जान भी दे देंगे आपको पाने के लिये!

Top Adventure Games for Android you Want to Play Sat, 10 Feb 2018 17:09:18 +0000 Well thinking about a smartphone people always prefer buying an Android phone rather than an iOS or maybe Windows because of its excellent features and its great battery life. One of the biggest reasons why teens prefer to buy Android phones is because they have got a wide variety of options of games available to them from which they could choose from. Teens are so obsessed when it comes to playing games. Who doesn’t like taking a break from their hectic schedule and chill? So let us take a look at the list of top adventure games available for Android-

  1. Swordigo-

As the name of the game suggests, this game is purely related to swords, forests, trees darkness and dungeons. If someone is really interested into fighting and games related to war, one should definitely go for this game.

  1. The Maze Runner

This is a game all about finding a way to escape out of the stuck place. Some teens are sent to the Glade but forgot the way to it. Through this game we have to help them find a way to get out of the strange road with loads of huddles coming in its way. Also try clash of clans mod game, which is pretty similar to this one.

  1. Terria-

This is one of the most interesting adventurous and popular game for Android as well as iOS. In this game, we have to kill and destroy demons and their bosses to create a space of our own self in this world. The road is full of ups and downs so you got to be struggling to create one for yourself.

  1. Cryptic Labyrinth-

You are stuck in a room and got to escape this room. The door is right there in front of you but you cannot get out as it is locked. With all the hints available to you, you got to be finding a right way to get out of here. It is a thrilling fun adventurous game. So get going with your thinking caps on to find the way.

  1. Train Crisis Plus-

Who would want the trains to get crashed in real life or in games too? So this game is all about that. You got to prevent the trains from crashing each other and keep a check over them every second because the game can turn upside down anytime.

  1. Angry Birds-

The name is enough to recall all the memories with it. It is one of the top rated adventurous game and all the teens love it. You got to pass the hurdles to get going in this game and it makes it all harder for you as if get past the higher levels.

  1. Family Guy the Quest for Stuff-

The responsibility is all on your back now. You are the father of the family and you have got to save your people and the city from the big fat hen that has just attacked and conquered your place. It is all trying to destroy and you have to prevent all that from happening.


  1. Stella’s Journey-

This game is all about the girl named Stella who was sleeping one night in her room and the next day when she woke up she found herself in a totally new place. With all the obstacles and hurdles she has got to overcome them and reach her room to get back her normal life. Help her out to win this with one of the most adventurous game.

  1. Haunted Manor-

This is a scary game so don’t play this with your lights turned off. You will have to quit this in between maybe. There is a tourist who in spite of knowing that this is a haunted house comes to stay there to see what exactly happens. Get going with this game to find out the scary things around you.

Best Calculator Apps for Android You Should Try Mon, 05 Feb 2018 16:42:48 +0000 Calculator is that one instrument without which the mathematics is all incomplete. We cannot carry a calculator everywhere we go because that is something people might forget. But we have got an alternative to it too. The Android phones has become now the most important thing in our lives. From calling to texting to net surfing everything is available in that one device. It also helps us do the calculations in the phone. But mostly our phones offer the basic calculator which has got no complex computations possible in it. To carry that the Android offers us with scientific calculator apps available on Google Play Store making our work easier. Here are the list of few best calculator apps for Android-

  1. Calculator Plus-
  • Calculator Plus is very similar to the digital calculator.
  • As we know, in digital calculators the memory doesn’t fade away or get deleted even if we close the app. Even this calculator has got all the calculations and steps saved in it with the equations involved. We can go back anytime and review if we want.
  • It performs all the basic functions a calculator performs with the advantage of data being stored permanently.
  • For scientific and complex calculations, like sine, cos, matrix and graph equations we have to download the companion app from the main menu of Calculator Plus to make the calculations easier.


  1. My Script Calculator-
  • We are so much used to writing the equations and then solving them instead of entering the numbers and the data using the on screen buttons. So to avoid this problem, we have My Script Calculator.
  • This app lets us write the equations on the screen provided with our hand or stylus thus making the process easier for us.
  • It can carry all sorts of calculations like exponentials, trigonometry and logarithms.

  1. Calculator++
  • It is very similar to the default Google Calculator.
  • It has got two layouts or modes namely standard and engineer modes on which we can compute our problems.
  • Firstly, standard mode is the basic mode on which we carry all the calculations with features like one tap copy-paste or multi digit support.
  • Second being engineer mode on which we can carry complex computations like logarithms, trigonometry etc.
  • It has got the feature of gestures which makes it more compatible with the people.
  • We can also access this calculator quickly from the home screen widget
  • This app has got the floating window option, meaning that we can use the calculator even when the background has some other application opened in it.


  1. Calculator by ASUS-
  • It does not perform much of the scientific calculations but is easy to use.
  • It provides the conversion of units, currency, weight, length etc. making itself one of the handy calculators.
  • The scientific calculator can be accessed by tilting the phone to switch from the basic one.
  • It can be accessed from the home screen without opening the app.

  1. GeoGebra-
  • As we can make out from the name itself, this app allows us to perform the geometrical and graphical computations.
  • Using this app, we can perform calculus, geometry, statistics and algebra problems.
  • It allows us to draw the graphs in real time by dragging and dropping the graphs and manipulate it according to our own needs.


  1. CalcTape-
  • It has got an interface very similar to the NotePad.
  • It helps us perform the commands in real time and edit them accordingly.
  • It has also got an option of inserting the comments just in case we wish to mention that why are we carrying out this command.
  • It does not have ads showing up in between thus making it a handy app.


Top Hidden Features of Android You Should Know Thu, 01 Feb 2018 16:07:01 +0000

Well thinking about a smartphone people always prefer buying an Android phone rather than an iOS or maybe Windows because of its excellent features and its great battery life. There are certain features which are just visible to us and known to the crowd but apart from that there are so much an Android user is missing out. There are these hidden features which one must know so that they are well compatible with their phones. Listing out a few of them so that they can take more advantage of their phones. Here they are-

  1. Keeping a check over the data usage-
  • Being in this fast moving world who doesn’t need Internet. All our information are available right here and we don’t need to now search for it in encyclopaedias and books anymore.
  • So Android has given its users this advantage of checking the data usage and controlling it so that the background apps aren’t consuming the data which are not worth it.
  • We can also control our data limit for everyday by settings< data usage< set mobile data limit.

  1. Change WiFi network-
  • If connected to a WiFi network, we wish to change our network we don’t have to go to settings< WiFi.
  • Instead we can pull down the notification center, long press WiFi and then choose from the networks available to get connected.

  1. Android Device Manager
  • Lost your phone? No worries you can keep a track over it and trace and find it out using this amazing feature of Android phones.
  • Go to settings< Lock Screen and Security< Other Security Settings < Device Administrator< Turn on Android Device Manager.

  1. Desktop Backup Password-
  • If our phones get locked, we can recover it using our PC as well instead of formatting it and losing track of all our data.
  • Go to settings< Developer Options< type in the password< retype< ok

  1. Reduction of Battery life-
  • Battery is an important parameter when talking of phones. So to increase the battery life we can disable the animation effects.
  • Go to Settings< Developer Options< Window Animation Scale. Set the scale to 0.5x.

  1. CPU Usage overlay-
  • We can keep a check over which app is putting heavy load on CPU leading to the heating of this device.
  • It can be adjusted by Settings< Developer Options< Show CPU Usage.

  1. Stop Android activities after closing the application-
  • The Android activities should be closed immediately after closing the app to prevent data usage and save battery life.
  • Go to Settings< Developer Options< tick on Don’t keep activities.

  1. USB Debugging Mode-
  • USB Debugging Mode should be enabled to allow the working of apps with the PC without any hindrance.
  • Go to Settings< Developer Options< tick on USB Debugging checkbox.

  1. Using Google Chrome to access file directory-
  • We can access all our files of SD Card using Google Chrome browser.
  • Open Google Chrome browser on your Android Smartphone. Now type file:///sdcard/ on URL bar and search.

  1. Identify songs-
  • When listening songs, if you want to know its name it can be done with the help of an app ‘Shazam’ available on Google Play Store.
  1. Save a web page as PDF-
  • When surfing something over Google Chrome, if we want to save the page we can either bookmark it on PC or else save the page as PDF on our phones.
  • Go to Share< Print < save as PDF.


  1. Screen pinning-
  • We can pin the screen which we want to so that the privacy of our apps are maintained.