Best Calculator Apps for Android You Should Try

Calculator is that one instrument without which the mathematics is all incomplete. We cannot carry a calculator everywhere we go because that is something people might forget. But we have got an alternative to it too. The Android phones has become now the most important thing in our lives. From calling to texting to net surfing everything is available in that one device. It also helps us do the calculations in the phone. But mostly our phones offer the basic calculator which has got no complex computations possible in it. To carry that the Android offers us with scientific calculator apps available on Google Play Store making our work easier. Here are the list of few best calculator apps for Android-

  1. Calculator Plus-
  • Calculator Plus is very similar to the digital calculator.
  • As we know, in digital calculators the memory doesn’t fade away or get deleted even if we close the app. Even this calculator has got all the calculations and steps saved in it with the equations involved. We can go back anytime and review if we want.
  • It performs all the basic functions a calculator performs with the advantage of data being stored permanently.
  • For scientific and complex calculations, like sine, cos, matrix and graph equations we have to download the companion app from the main menu of Calculator Plus to make the calculations easier.


  1. My Script Calculator-
  • We are so much used to writing the equations and then solving them instead of entering the numbers and the data using the on screen buttons. So to avoid this problem, we have My Script Calculator.
  • This app lets us write the equations on the screen provided with our hand or stylus thus making the process easier for us.
  • It can carry all sorts of calculations like exponentials, trigonometry and logarithms.

  1. Calculator++
  • It is very similar to the default Google Calculator.
  • It has got two layouts or modes namely standard and engineer modes on which we can compute our problems.
  • Firstly, standard mode is the basic mode on which we carry all the calculations with features like one tap copy-paste or multi digit support.
  • Second being engineer mode on which we can carry complex computations like logarithms, trigonometry etc.
  • It has got the feature of gestures which makes it more compatible with the people.
  • We can also access this calculator quickly from the home screen widget
  • This app has got the floating window option, meaning that we can use the calculator even when the background has some other application opened in it.


  1. Calculator by ASUS-
  • It does not perform much of the scientific calculations but is easy to use.
  • It provides the conversion of units, currency, weight, length etc. making itself one of the handy calculators.
  • The scientific calculator can be accessed by tilting the phone to switch from the basic one.
  • It can be accessed from the home screen without opening the app.

  1. GeoGebra-
  • As we can make out from the name itself, this app allows us to perform the geometrical and graphical computations.
  • Using this app, we can perform calculus, geometry, statistics and algebra problems.
  • It allows us to draw the graphs in real time by dragging and dropping the graphs and manipulate it according to our own needs.


  1. CalcTape-
  • It has got an interface very similar to the NotePad.
  • It helps us perform the commands in real time and edit them accordingly.
  • It has also got an option of inserting the comments just in case we wish to mention that why are we carrying out this command.
  • It does not have ads showing up in between thus making it a handy app.